Every SpectraSheild manhole is stamped and dated with pride

In time, hydrogen sulfide will eat away at the walls of the manhole, which can lead to:


  • Corrosion
  • Leaks
  • Groundwater intrusion
  • Exposed rebar
  • Missing brick and mortar
  • Weakened structure strength

The SpectraShield Solution


SpectraShield is a patented, proven manhole-lining system that rehabilitates manholes damaged by the effects of hydrogen sulfide, and protects newly constructed manholes from suffering a similar fate.
Because of SpectraShield’s ease of application and rapid curing, bypassing, traffic disruption and other installation costs are minimized.
A typical manhole can be treated in less than an hour.

SpectraShield can be the ideal solution for:

  • Manhole rehab
  • Manhole repair
  • Manhole leaks
  • Manhole intrusion
  • Manhole decay
  • Manhole restoration
  • Manhole preservation

Manhole Inspection


  • 100% capture of geometric and visual data and a 360 degree perspective view
  • Unfolded sidewall view for visual measurement
  • Verification of diameter and defects in 3D imaging
  • GPS locations provided with each report
  • Detailed reports using the NASSCO Manhole Assessment &
    Certification Program (MACP)

Manhole Sealing and Resurfacing


Most threats to a manhole, and the wastewater network it belongs to, can be traced to the presence of hydrogen sulfide trapped in the system. This noxious gas takes up residence along the walls of a manhole where it begins to erode the brick, mortar and concrete construction.

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