Lift Stations

Lift Station Wetwell Protection & Resurfacing


Hydrogen sulfide is the nemesis of all wastewater structures. The corrosive gas, along with methane, low oxygen and other acids, can attack and destroy concrete, brick and mortar, lead to exposed rebar and allow leaks both into the structure and back out into the surrounding environment.

SpectraShield can stop that from happening.

lift station

SpectraShield is designed for:


  • Pump stations
  • Lift station wetwells
  • Headworks
  • Grit chambers
  • Clarifiers
  • Aeration basins
  • Chlorine contact chambers
  • Large diameter pipe
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The SpectraShield Solution


SpectraShield provides a corrosion-resistant liner that restores your wastewaster structure’s walls to their original surface levels while eliminating water infiltration and exfiltration. Using a patented, proven polymeric-based system that rehabilitates structures damaged by the effects of hydrogen sulfide, SpectraShield can also protect newly constructed facilities from suffering a similar fate.