SpectraShield: To Protect & Preserve


The cost of infiltration or groundwater intrusion into wastewater structures can be incalculable – that’s why the protective power of SpectraShield can be invaluable to you and the people who depend on your community’s manholes and wastewater structures.


SpectraShield is the ideal way to rehabilitate, repair and restore wastewater structures that have been damaged by infiltration and corrosion and to protect manholes and large wastewater structures that have not yet been exposed to hydrogen sulfide and the wet, unforgiving conditions that can slowly chip away at the structure’s strength and integrity.


Pink is the new Peace of Mind


SpectraShield’s unique 3-layer surfacing treatment, instantly recognizable by its signature pink color, can be used on almost any wastewater structure in any condition. It’s a proven, convenient and cost-efficient solution for wastewater structure repair and preservation. SpectraShield:


  • Bonds to all substrate conditions
  • Resurfaces damaged structure, including broken brick and missing mortar
  • Minimizes the need for wastewater system interruption
  • Protects against the severe effects of hydrogen sulfide
  • Installs quickly and easily
  • Unsurpassed 10-year warranty