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The SpectraShield lining system is designed to make your project successful and your job easier. Proven and affordable, it’s the fast and foolproof way to protect manholes, lift station wetwells and wastewater treatment plant structures from groundwater infiltration and corrosion, and to resurface and reinforce structures that are damaged and decaying.

SpectraShield spray-on polymeric lining system animated video


Watch how SpectraShield’s spray-on polymeric lining system can protect your wastewater structures, including manholes, lift station wetwells and wastewater treatment plant structures from infiltration and corrosion in this brief video.

SpectraShield Installation Demonstration


Don’t just take our word for how fast and easy SpectraShield’s spray-on lining is applied; watch this brief video to see it being applied to prevent manhole corrosion.

SpectraShield Instructional video by Sims Rhyne at WEFTEC


See how SpectraShield can provide cost-efficient, lasting manhole and wetwell protection that’s guaranteed for 10 years in this brief video filmed onsite at WEFTEC.

SpectraShield SpectraVU Demonstration


SpectraShield doesn’t just help with manhole, liftstation wetwell corrosion and infiltration issues. Our SpectraVu diagnostic tool can help your crew conduct a highly detailed, 360o manhole inspection in minutes, without requiring crews to enter the manhole in question. Watch this brief video to learn more.

SpectraShield battering ram demonstration


SpectraShield’s wastewater structure corrosion protection comes with an unparalleled 10-year warranty. When you watch us take a battering ram to an application, you’ll see why we believe in the product as much as we do.