What is SpectraSeal?

SpectraSeal is a technologically advanced polyurethane roof coating designed to eliminate seams and other weak links found in traditional roofing systems.


Whether applied on new construction or for roof restoration on existing buildings, SpectraSeal provides increased weather protection, enhances building structural integrity, and is reflective and insulative, helping to improve energy efficiency.

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The Benefits of SpectraSeal Polyurethane Roof Coating:

Eliminates seams and other weak links found in traditional roofing systems

Reduces roof temperature and enhances energy efficiency of the structure

Enhances the structural integrity of the host building

Creates a waterproof membrane

Is durable and flexible, allowing for normal expansion and contraction

Provides increased protection from extreme weather

Is cost effective at installation and over time

Is installed quickly with a low impact process, allowing business to proceed as usual in the building and minimizing occupant inconvenience

(Above) Before, During, and After SpectraSeal. This roof was in need of rehabilitation. Now, with SpectraSeal polyurethane coating, it not only looks good as new, it also is more weather resistant, waterproof, insulating, energy efficient, and protective than ever before.

The Cost Benefits of SpectraSeal

Not only can building owners save 50-70% on roof restoration using the SpectraSeal system instead of replacing their roof, they also stand to save exponentially in the long run on energy costs, as SpectraSeal’s insulative and reflective properties help regulate building temperature, as well as on potential weather damage costs, as SpectraSeal provides enhanced protection against severe weather conditions.

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