Neptune Beach Elementary – A SpectraClean Story

Neptune Beach Sanitizer Fundraiser

A SpectraClean Story

As the countdown to back to school began, teachers, faculty, and parents alike at Neptune Beach Elementary wondered what this unprecedented school year might entail. Certainly, sanitizer now topped the school supply list as one of the most important items, and leadership prepared to receive the PPE to be provided via the school system.

Still, though, the school wanted to be as prepared as possible to keep children, faculty, staff, and teachers safe during the school year. In the words of one parent:


“Each year, we have sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer on our school supply lists. This year, these items are incredibly hard to get due to Covid-19. So, how do we get these essential supplies into our schools during a pandemic to help keep everyone safe?” 


Her answer?


“Spectrashield, a local Jacksonville company, has created an FDA Approved Sanitizer called SpectraClean that is safe for hands AND surfaces.”


So, with the involvement of the principal, Operation Sanitizer was born.


Neptune Beach Elementary decided to start an ongoing fundraiser to purchase additional hand and surface sanitizer not just for classrooms but for the entire premises of the school. Their end goal is to acquire enough sanitizer through the fundraiser so they never have to worry about having enough and the focus can remain on providing an exemplary education to students.


The sanitizer they chose? None other than SpectraClean. It was a no-brainer for the team behind the fundraiser. Why? SpectraClean is locally made according to FDA regulations, and it is ideal for sanitizing both hands and surfaces, making it the perfect one-stop sanitizing solution.


In a short amount of time, the team at Neptune Beach Elementary was able to raise enough money through their gofundme page to start the school year off right. They plan to continue to raise funds on an ongoing basis so they can purchase sanitizer whenever needed to keep the school equipped to maintain the health and safety of it’s faculty, staff, and students.

You can donate to the Neptune Beach Elementary Operation Sanitizer now by clicking HERE.
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