1. SpectraShield restores structural integrity with a “stress skin panel” effect. This provides flexibility to accommodates common ground movement conditions such as freeze/thaw climates and traffic loading.
2. SpectraShield® has earned the confidence of major municipal utility Owners and multinational engineering firms for over 25 years! SpectraShield® protect thousands of structures covering 4 continents.
3. SpectraShield® is the only polymeric lining system of its type designed specifically for wastewater structures. First introduced in 1993 by inventor James M. Hume, SpectraShield® rapidly gained popularity among municipalities frustrated with the failure rate and replacement costs of traditional cementitious and epoxy systems. SpectraShield is manufactured by CCI Spectrum LLC in Jacksonville, Florida which is one of the very few manufacturers that also installs its own product. This gives Owners and their engineering firms added confidence in our practical hands on experience and industry best 10 YEAR WARRANTY!
4. The installed price of SpectraShield’s 500mil application is less expensive than the typical ½” cement build back with 125mils of polyurethane top coat. SpectraShield’s cost benefit advantage is matched by no other competitor!
5. SpectraGarde® is a multi-layered, high performance coating system principally used for potable water NSF-61 Standard applications. It is typically used for coating concrete and steel water storage tanks, distribution lines and related structures.

Following proper surface preparation (typically hydro-blasting for concrete substrate and sand-blasting for steel substrate), SpectraGarde® is applied in two steps. The first step is the surfacing application.

This spray applied surfacing coat of closed cell urethane foam fills all voids, eroded areas, bug holes, and “builds back” the area to a smooth, level surface. A sprayed-on, two-component, flexible polyurethane is applied over the surfacing layer creating a two-layer, durable, chemical resistant liner system. SpectraGarde® coatings have been used successfully since 1988 in a wide variety of applications.

Primary Features & Benefits

  • Good Flexibility – expands and contracts with the substrate; great impact resistance
  • Fast turnaround – minimize production/return to service time with quick cure times
  • Case histories in aggressive immersion environments, dating back to the late 1980s
  • Easy to achieve excellent coverage
  • Virtually unlimited build capabilities – 20 mils up to inches
  • Wide application temperature range
  • Highly Impermeable – provides excellent corrosion protection
  • Abrasion & Impact Resistant – mitigates damage during handling and installation; protects expensive equipment
  • Strong Adhesion – over 1500 psi on abrasive blasted steel

6. Pending
7. Bonding Strength, ASTM D412, Flexibility, ASTM D522, Tensile Strength, ASTM D412,
Shear Strength, ASTM C273, Water Absorption, ASTM D2842
8. Submittals, Applicator Certification, Quality Assurance, Inspections, Surface Preparation,
Leak Mitigation, Warranty Forms