SpectraVU Manhole Inspection

Now You Have A Safer, Faster And More Thorough Way To Inspect Manholes


SpectraVU uses the latest visual imaging technology to provide you with highly detailed scans and analyses of your manholes and other subterranean structures, such as duct boxes and storm drains.

Conducted by our expert technicians, SpectraVU assessments help reduce the time, cost and risk of sending your employees into potentially compromised manholes to conduct inspections.


Don’t send your employees into potentially damaged manholes…Send SpectraVU!

SpectraVU at Work.

SpectraVU provides you with:

100% capture of geometric and visual data and a 360 degree perspective view

Allows you to view any feature of the manhole at any time, from any angle.

Unfolded sidewall view for visual measurement

Allows you to look at the entire manhole surface on one screen.

Verification of diameter and defects in 3D imaging

Allows you to measure features inside the manhole in 3D space.

GPS locations provided with each report

Allows you to find the exact location of each manhole.

Detailed reports using the NASSCO Manhole Assessment & Certification Program (MACP)

Allows you to gather detailed information to fully document all defects, determine the condition of the manhole and provide the specific information needed to recommend corrective action.

Our reports include highly detailed images and videos, along with repair measurements and recommendations. SpectraVu reports and images are compatible with most CAD and other leading software programs.