SpectraShield Benefits


Flexible Formula

Unlike other products that are hard and rigid, SpectraShield uses a flexible urethane that can be applied with a minimum thickness of 500 mils.


Quick application

SpectraShield goes on fast, and cures fast: a seven-foot manhole can be lined in less than one hour.

budget friendly

Easy on budget

SpectraShield is a cost-efficient alternative to manual repair and other liner systems and coatings currently available.



SpectraShield has been used to seal and protect over 60,000 structures, covering 4 continents.

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SpectraShield installers are specially licensed and trained to use proprietary equipment available exclusively through SpectraShield. Every applicator that installs SpectraShield receives a thorough vetting and hands-on training before earning their privileges. SpectraShield has been installed in thousands of structures throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia.

Manhole Inspection

  • 100% capture of geometric and visual data and a 360 degree perspective view
  • Unfolded sidewall view for visual measurement
  • Verification of diameter and defects in 3D imaging
  • GPS locations provided with each report
  • Detailed reports using the NASSCO Manhole Assessment & Certification Program (MACP)

It’s not sealed unless it’s SpectraShield.


SpectraShield is a patented, polymeric lining system designed to stop infiltration and prevent corrosion in wastewater structures. A cost-efficient alternative to more traditional cementitious and epoxy systems, SpectraShield protects, restores and adds life to aging wastewater structures, including manholes, treatment plants, lift station wetwells and more.


Using a unique (and patented), three-step liner system, SpectraShield has been used around the world to protect both new and existing wastewater structures from infiltration and corrosion. It goes on fast and easy, and lasts for years. In fact, every SpectraShield application comes with a 10-YEAR GUARANTEE – that’s a decade’s worth of peace of mind!

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SprectraShield truck

Why SpectraShield

Treats new and damaged manholes, lift stations, wet wells, water plants, treatment plants

  • Stops infiltration and corrosion in manholes, wet wells and lift stations
  • Protects wastewater infrastructure from damaging hydrogen sulfide
  • Restores wastewater structure surfaces to their original profile
  • Provides an impervious barrier to water penetration
  • Can be applied to a typical 7-foot manhole in less than an hour
  • Has earned the confience of major municipal utility owners and multinational engineering firms for over 25 years
  • Comes with an industry-leading 10-year warranty

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