Experience You Can Trust

Experience You Can Trust

SpectraShield® is proud to celebrate 30 years of excellence in infrastructure rehabilitation. As innovators in the industry, SpectraShield® has earned the confidence of major municipal utility owners and multinational engineering firms, protecting thousands of structures across 4 continents.


The state-of-the-art SpectraShield® product provides layers of quality and years of protection by:


  • Stopping infiltration and corrosion in manholes, wet wells, and lift stations
  • Protecting wastewater infra[1]structure from corrosion
  • Restoring wastewater structure surfaces to their original profile
  • Providing an impervious barrier to water penetration


With its flexible formula, SpectraShield® restores structural integrity with a “stress skin panel” effect. This provides flexibility to accommodate common ground movement conditions such as freeze/thaw climates and traffic loading. SpectraShield® goes on fast and cures fast – a seven-foot manhole can typically be lined in less than one hour. Additionally, SpectraShield® is easy on the budget. SpectraShield® is a cost-efficient alternative to manual repair and other liner systems and coatings currently available. Over time, SpectraShield® has proven to significantly cut down on capital costs. From manholes to wastewater treatment plants, SpectraShield® eliminates the need to fully replace the system components by rehabilitating wastewater structures so they are “like-new”.

SpectraShiled lining
Wastewater plant industrial lining

In the words of the Superintendent of Water and Wastewater Indiantown Company, Inc.


“We’ve had over 100 manholes coated with your product and reduced our infiltration by over 100,000 gallons per day. We have many brick manholes that we thought were in need of replacement, but your product made them like new again, which cut down on capital cost.”


SpectraShield® is the originator of the industry’s 10-year performance warranty. With proven results and a 100-year design life, SpectraShield® promises its customers confidence that spans decades.


“The SpectraShield system has a 10-year warranty and 100-year design life. That, and how quickly it is installed, sold me. The actual lining took two hours with minimal disruption. We returned the lines to service within minutes of the applica[1]tion.” – Frank Renaldi


In addition to its premiere prod[1]uct, SpectraShield® also offers an impressive line of other infrastruc[1]ture rehabilitation products:


  • SpectraGrout®
  • SpectraGarde®
  • SpectraVu


SpectraShield® is the leading pioneer in polyurea lining systems. With 30 years in industry, that’s experience you can trust. Contact SpectraShield® today or visit spectrashield.com to find the installer nearest you.

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