Think Pink. Save Green.


SpectraShield® is the only polymeric lining system of its type designed specifically for wastewater structures. First introduced in 1993 by inventor James M. Hume, SpectraShield® rapidly gained popularity among municipalities frustrated with the failure rate and replacement costs of traditional cementitious and epoxy systems. SpectraShield is manufactured by CCI Spectrum LLC in Jacksonville, Florida which is one of the very few manufacturers that also installs its own product. This gives Owners and their engineering firms added confidence in our practical hands on experience and industry best 10 YEAR WARRANTY!


SpectraShield is Easy.


SpectraShield uses a trenchless cured in place (CIP) application that goes on in 3 easy layers:

Layer 1

Creates a moisture barrier with a coat of silicone-modified polyurea.

Layer 2

The surfacer is made of closed cell polyurethane foam that restores the structure to original levels by filling all voids, eroded areas, bug holes and missing mortar joints.

Layer 3

The final layer (in our signature pink color) is another layer of silicone modified polyurea that serves as the ultimate corrosion barrier


SpectraShield is Fast.


SpectraShield goes on fast, and cures fast: a seven-foot manhole can be lined in less than one hour.


SpectraShield is Proven.


SpectraShield has been used around the world for over 25 years. See it for yourself in our case studies.

budget friendly

SpectraShield is Budget-Friendly.


The installed price of SpectraShield’s 500mil application is less expensive than the typical ½” cement build back with 125mils of epoxy top coat. SpectraShield’s cost benefit advantage is matched by no other competitor!


Representative Clients:

  • City of Houston, TX
  • Metro Wastewater, Denver, CO
  • Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District
  • JEA, Jacksonville, FL
  • City of West Palm Beach, FL
  • City of Brownwood, TX
  • City of Tallahassee, FL
  • City of Wheaton, IL
  • City of Westminster, CO
  • City of Slidell, LA
  • City of Gulfport, MS
  • Pinellas County, FL
  • City of Richardson, TX
  • City of Bloomington, IN
  • Pasco County, FL

Additional SpectraShield benefits:

  • Reduces O&M costs and capital expenses
  • Stops infiltration in manholes and wastewater structures
  • Prevents corrosion
  • Rapid trenchless application
  • Can be applied in any wastewater structure
  • Cost-efficient solution compared to other coatings and liner systems
  • 100-year design life
  • 10-year warranty on wastewater structure protection, resurfacing, manhole repair and more